I've always been told that things get better with age. Young wine becomes tastier with age, aged vinegar livens up salads, and Democrats become Republicans. I'll get some heat for that comment. Speaking of heat. Here is my latest rendering. Mike Filion at Pro Design Hot Rods (Santa Ana, CA.) gave me a call a few weeks ago to create a rendering for one of his good customers.

The customer wanted to do something special with a 1954 Plymouth Belvedere. So, Mike and his customer brainstormed and one thing was certain. The very rare stainless steel moldings would remain as this Belvedere sported the "Spring Edition" styling.

From this point, Mike wanted modern headlights grafted to the front fenders, a de-crowned roofline and lowered suspension with custom Billet wheels. The customer also spec'd Cadillac tail lights. And, I suggested a pancaked hood and turned down exhaust. The culmination of all these ideas is reflected in this mixed media rendering that was drawn on Canson paper. Enjoy!