Did you ever wonder where that credit card in your wallet (or purse) came from? I mean, did you really ever wonder the origin. Besides for the reasons that banks want to let you borrow money so they can earn some interest in return. Well, I can tell you that I know where this Platinum Credit Card came from.

The idea to create this unique card came across my desk many months ago. We went through various ideas, concepts, and then numerous revisions. We also spoke with a number of vendors who would have the expertise to produce the new design. The final product that you see here will be swiped by qualifying members of Orange County's Credit Union. By-the-way if you live or work in Orange County, Riverside County, the communities of Long Beach, Signal Hill, Lakewood or Cerritos you can become a member of this credit union. Believe me they are so much better than a bank.

Well, this card had a very complicated design that featured several inks and treatments. Here is the list: Visa Blue 286, Via Gold 1375, Ultraviolet, PMS 138, Litho white, Black, Litho white bump, Pearl. And the core color was Silver foil.

The blue card (with the wave) that you see was designed for Orange County's Credit Union Pacific Account holders. These members are between the ages of 13 and 19 (teen agers). This card is particularly special because I was THE first designer to create the transparent card outside of the credit card manufacturer's art and production department. It was our desire to design the card exclusively. It was so unusual to do it this way because their production team was really giving us proprietary production guidelines that are not known by anyone outside of the card manufacturing industry. Sorry, I am sworn to secrecy for two reasons....one, I promised not to divulge any information, and two... job security. LOL. This card is strictly for the teen members even though ALL the other members want this card but can't attain it.