Thanks for coming Back! I have posted some renderings to reflect how I have been using my mixed-media rendering style. I also posted some photos of the actual vehicles. Of course there are literally hundreds of rendering out there in private collections, plus a few hand illustrated "cutaways" and "digital" cutaways.

Here are some automotive related magazines in which my renderings and designs have appeared over the years.
Import Racer Magazine, StreetTrucks Magazine, Off-Road Magazine, Drag Racer Magazine, Hot Rod Magazine, Street Rodder Magazine, Custom Rodder Magazine, Truckin, Custom Classic Trucks Magazine, Kit Car Illustrated, Popular Hot Rodding, SUV Magazine, Mini-Truckin.

Early on in my automotive art career I received "props/accolades" from Steve Sanford, famed automotive artist, when he was shown a rendering I drew for the Chrysler. That project/build became known as the "World's First Custom" Dodge Durango sponsored by Chrysler and was featured on the cover of Truckin' Magazine's 25th Anniversary Issue.